TBRParamStore is a non-visible component used to store application parameter definitions.

Parameters are grouped in batches which can be created in the component editor along with the parameters included in each batch. Not only does the definition describe the parameter type (string, integer, number, lookup value etc), it also includes details about how that parameter is stored. A parameter may be stored in an INI file, a database, or the Windows Registry. TBRParamStore provides the means to read from and write to these storage options.

Go to the Other VCL Component Downloads page to get a copy of the TBRParamStore component source code.

Note that TBRParamStore does not provide the means for an application user to access and edit the defined parameter values. An editor implementing this might typically utilise a grid component , for example, and this depends on what grid component you use. However, a fully functional editor based on the Developer Express Quantum Grid is provided by way of an example. See the <Developer Express - under construction> section for more information.