VPE+ Components

The following components are installed with VPE+

TReportInterface TReportInterface VPE+ interface component linking the application with the VPE core.
TReportWriter TReportWriter Report engine component encapsulating TVPEngine.
TPageFrame TPageFrame Frame layout for a report page.
TMasterFrame TMasterFrame Frame layout for a "master dataset".
TDetailFrame TDetailFrame Frame layout for a "detail dataset".
TLabelFrame TLabelFrame Frame layout for mailing or name labels.
TColumnFrame TColumnFrame Frame layout for newspaper style columns.
TTextBlock TTextBlock Wrapping text component.
TRTFBlock TRTFBLock Wrapping RTF text component.


Installation of VPE+

Installation instructions can be found in the Users Guide (download it from the VPE Downloads page), or you can review the instructions here VPE+ Installation