Virtual Print Engine is the underlying core of VPE+.

It is a comprehensive cross platform Report Engine and PDF Library developed, licensed and supported by Ideal Software. To use VPE+ as a developer, you require a license for VPE Professional Edition, or you can use the free 30 day trial version of this edition.

VPE+ Encapsulates Virtual Print Engine

VPE+ is simply a wrapper for VPE, implementing it's own style of code-based, banded reporting with the Delphi VCL.

Note, in particular, that there are many more properties, methods and features in VPE beyond those directly wrapped or introduced by VPE+. It is thus essential to become familiar with VPE to take full advantage of it when using VPE+.

Among other features are:

  • Precise, device independent positioning
  • Fast vector graphics
  • Export to PDF (including PDF/A-1b), HTML, XML, ODT, and native VPE
  • Pre-rendering of text elements (without insertion into the document)
  • Version independent and error tolerant RTF output
  • Unlimited number of simultaneously open documents and pages
  • Access to any printed page at any time
  • True colours; colour gradients
  • Lines, polylines, polygons, ellipses, boxes, frames
  • Charts (point, line, bar, 3d bar, stacked bar, pie, 3d pie, area)
  • 1d and 2d bar codes (all major types)
  • Comprehensive image management (BMP, WMF, EMF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, PCX, ICO... and more)
  • Clickable objects
  • User defined objects

Refer to the Ideal Software site for detailed documentation on VPE and its sister product dycodoc.