4 May 2020

A bit of a revamp for the site. Adding a few VCL components that may be of interest... (underway at this time).

  • TConnector facilitates "application start-up", managing the process whereby an application starts up, retrieves parameters, authenticates registration, logs in to a database etc. The connector logically handles error states that may arise during start-up, proceeding to an "application idle" state.
  • TPilot, TDataPilot, TDualDataPilot are toolbar-like dataset navigators.
  • TbxDBGridPilot, TbxDualDBGridPilot are extensions of the pilot navigators for use with Developer Express Quantum Grid grids and views.
  • TParamStore is a storage component for an applications user configuration parameters.
  • TbxApplicationSetup is a full functional editor for an applications user configuration parameters as defined by a TParamStore. It uses Developer Express Quantum Grid
  • Other components to follow...

16 September 2019

Release of VPE+ Version 1.0.4

  • The TLabelFrame component has been somewhat reworked to enable the label page to be better described. Read only properties LabelPaperHeight and LabelPaperWidth indicate the label page dimensions based on the various other label page metrics. Property AutoPaperSetup, if True (default), allows the label paper size and margins to be automatically set (otherwise, you can call SetPaperSize and SetPaperMargins to do the same). Property LabelPaperOrientation has been added so you can easily set the page orientation at design time (or runtime). DrawLabelExtent draws a line around the outside of the label (intended for preview purposes).
  • Added ReportWriter option roAutoPreviewFiledReport to allow a singleton filed report to be automatically shown in preview after the file is generated.
  • For ease of access, TReportWriter preview properties GridMode, GridVisible, Rulers and RulersMeasure have been moved to the "PreviewWindow" property group in the object inspector. The underlying TVPEngine properties of the same name still exist, but are no longer published. If you have set these properties to non-default values, you will need to reset the new PreviewWindow equivalents accordingly. The defaults are:

GridMode = InForeground
GridVisible = False
Rulers = False
RulersMeasure = cm

21 January 2019

VPE+ still active... no changes.

6 July 2018

No news is good news, right? VPE+ is still here :-)

27 September 2017

Well, VPE+ is still alive and kicking. There are no new features to speak of, or problems identified. Code-based reporting, of course, remains a not-so-popular approach to reporting - but I still like it! If you are able to use VPE+ in your Delphi VCL development, let me know how you find it :-)

23 December 2016

Minor Correction to Demo Application & Source Code 1.0.3

  • Oops - minor error in "Biolife Report" example. Images in the report were being incorrectly scaled because the aspect ratio function was returning a calculated width rather than a calculated height.
  • Now fixed.

27 April 2016

Release of VPE+ Version 1.0.3

  • Added ability to rotate a line of text by any angle (PrintRotatedText method) and justify it horizontally and vertically.
  • Added ActiveReportFolder property. In conjunction with property ActiveTempFolder, this allows the distinction between a folder for retained user reports and a folder for temporary files.
  • Clarified access to setup form "user selections" via properties SelectedSetupAction, SelectedSetupMode, SelectedFormat and SelectedFormatIndex which are valid for singleton reports and batched reports. Batched report method ReadBatchSetupResult which formerly returned these details has been dropped.
  • Font size manipulation:
    Added FontSizeFitHeight function to "fit" a font to a given height constraint.
    Added FontSizeFitWidth function to "fit" a string to a given width constraint.

1 November 2015

Release of VPE+ Version 1.0.2

  • Images: Significant overhaul to accommodate management of image streams and better handle recognised Delphi image types.
  • Added procedures SetBackground and ClearBackground.
  • Fixed issue with ReportStatus being cleared after report generated.

22 June 2015

Release of VPE+ Version 1.0.1

  • Added RTFLineHeight function to return the height of a given line of RTF.
  • Added access to saved cursor position X, Y coordinates with SavedXPos, SavedYPos functions.
  • Fixed line metric and print behaviour when applying extra line spacing (LineSpaceTop, LineSpaceBottom, SetLineSpacing)
  • Stopped preview form referencing potentially nil ReportInterface.ActiveReportWriter.
  • Corrected default tab index passed from SetTabBox.
  • Altered manner in which TextBlocks are constructed to avoid underlying VPE garbage collection mechanism.
  • Plus miscellaneous minor code changes.

7 April 2015

Release of VPE+ Version 1.0.0