Page titles are header and footer strings (or similar) that can be presented in the default setup form and subsequently utilised in the report being generated. How the strings are used is at your discretion.

VPE+ manages some basic page titles automatically (system page titles), but you can define and use your own custom page titles if you wish. When the system page titles are included in the setup form, it looks like this:


Setup page titles


System Page Titles

The system page titles include a page header, subheader and footer string.


Setup - page titles


These strings can be set as properties of the ReportWriter component in the Object Inspector, or set in code. ReportWriter also maintains additional footer detail properties which are not represented in the default setup form: see properties PageFooterStamp, PageFooterStampDated and PageFooterStamped which enable a "stamp string" to be included in the page footer.


System Page Title Strings
PageHeaderTitle a page header title string
PageHeaderSubTitle a page header subtitle string
PageFooterTitle a page footer title string


If you do use the system page titles, there are a number of properties available to control their usage (either in code or in the Object Inspector):


System Page Title Control Properties
Boolean PropertyAction in Setup Form
UsePageTitles shows or hides the Report Title Panel
UsePageHeaderTitle shows or hides the page header title edit component
UsePageHeaderSubTitle shows or hides the page header subtitle edit component
UsePageFooterTitle shows or hides the page footer title edit component
EnablePageHeaderTitle enables or disables the page header title edit component
EnablePageHeaderSubTitle enables or disables the page header subtitle edit component
EnablePageFooterTitle enables or disables the page footer title edit component


NOTE: Being able to set both the visibility and enablement of the page title strings allows you, for example, to display a pre-set value in a title edit control, but have it disabled (read-only).


Custom Page Titles

To supply your own page title edit components to the setup form, lay out the relevant components in a TGroupBox container on the form, and assign any code as required. Make the groupbox invisible if it will otherwise interfere with the forms display. Assign your groupbox to property ReportWriter.ReportTitleGroupBox (this will override the system page title groupbox)…

…and that is all that is required.

Internally, when the setup form instance is created for the report, it will temporarily parent the groupbox, make it visible, and, within reasonable limits, adjust its own size to accommodate the size of the groupbox. This means the components you created on your form are transferred to and displayed on the setup form, and any associated code is operational in the context of the setup form.

This screen shot shows a custom page title groupbox in the setup form:


Setup custom page titles


Note that you can include your own usage options like the check box "Use 3rd Header" above - the values stored by such components remain entirely available to your report writing code.